The popularity of retainer relationships between patients and their primary care physicians has increased in recent years. Sometimes referred to as personalized care or concierge medicine, the patient pays a retainer fee to the physician who in turn substantially reduces the size of his practice in order to provide more accessibility and personalized service to the smaller group of patients under his or her care. Because the physician does not need to see a high volume of patients in order to cover his overhead expenses, as is generally necessary in traditional medical practice arrangements, the physician is able to spend more time with each patient and focus more completely on the needs of each individual. There are a number of different concierge style programs through which the relationship between patient and physician can be arranged.

Three doctors at MAB have converted their practices to this type of medical practice.

Dr. Mark Ireland (Satellite Beach) and Dr. Mark Pinsky (Suntree/Viera) have partnered with MDVIP to provide personalized healthcare and a customized wellness program to their patients who have elected to enroll.

Dr. Danny Berk and Dr. Scott Nunes (Suntree/Viera) are affiliated with SignatureMD and provide personalized care and preventative care to their patients who have enrolled in this program.

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