Audiology is a field of medicine primarily focused on hearing health, although it also extends to balance issues and other similar disorders. The end goal for every audiologist is to ensure every patient can attain a normal level of hearing. As such, the field of audiology covers everything from hearing tests and tinnitus treatments to hearing aids, cochlear implants and other hearing assistance devices.

Hearing loss isn’t just inconvenient. There are a number of long-term negative side effects associated with hearing loss, including irritability, depression and lack of alertness. This could result in severe physical injury, as patients with hearing issues may not hear danger approaching, but it also leads to deep psychological issues over time. Mainly because people who can’t hear clearly tend to withdraw from social interactions and suffer from loneliness and other problems associated with feelings of isolation.

At Medical Associates of Brevard, we are committed to assisting our hearing impaired patients in the Melbourne area. If you or a loved one can benefit from a hearing test or hearing treatments, please give our audiology office a call.

Medical Associates of Brevard ENT/Audiology Services Include:

  • Clinical evaluation of the Auditory System
  • Basic Audiometric Screening
  • Complete Audiologic Evaluation
  • Tympanometry including Acoustic Reflex Tests
  • Tinnitus Evaluation
  • Hearing Rehabilitation
  • Hearing Aid Evaluation, Prescription, and Fitting
  • Hearing Aid Programming
  • Hearing Aid Repair
  • Noise and Swim Protection

All Audiology and Hearing Aid Services are Physician approved and provided by a Certified Clinical Audiologist.


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